Monday, January 30, 2006

I Have a Summer Internship!

Just the other day I received word that I was hired at Columbia Music Entertainment Japan as a paid summer intern ( - the site is in Japanese). This is really exciting! Their headquarters is located in the Roppongi area of Tokyo which used to be kinda sleezy, but is now up and coming with the youth. I don't know what I'll be doing there exactly. Let's hope it is something other than putting CDs in cases or mixing coffee for the recording artists.


A whole delegation of kids from Kyushu Universitity came to my Japanese Business Culture class the other day to talk to us about entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. I don't know anything about that in English or Japanese. However, I did meet this nice guy named Shohei Takata who said he'd introduce me to a friend of his who goes to Kyoto University. The friend is a guy though...too bad! How this relates to my internship is that I told Takata-san that I'd be working at Columbia Music Entertainment and he said he had never heard of the place. End of story...and then I found five dollars!