Saturday, August 30, 2008

Moving Soon...

Well, as strange as it feels to report this, I will be leaving for Japan again in just four short days. This time I will moving to Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku to start my new contract as an English language lecturer.

I plan to keep the blog strong and full with content as I explore this new area of Japan. I certainly hope you will all join me for the ride.

More to come soon!



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In honor of the Beijing Olympics, I've posted two previously unreleased pics from my trip to Beijing in 2006. Here's our group posing for a picture in Tiananmen Square with the gate to the Forbidden City in the background. Why on earth did I think it was a good fashion idea to wear black knee-high socks and dress shoes with shorts?

...and here we are posing on the Great Wall. Evidently I decided to replace my black socks with the more stylish white ones.

Monday, August 04, 2008

August Update

Hello all,

I sincerely apologize for simply dropping off the face of the blog. I intended to write this update from Japan but got sidetracked with my various preparations for departure. I safely returned home to Seattle, Washington last Monday.

Unfortunately, upon returning home, I was almost immediately struck by the stomach flu. I spent this past week battling a high fever and never-ending diarrhea. While I am inching closer and closer to recovery with each passing day, at the moment, my pulsing stomach cramps are keeping me from fully indulging in this update.

In recent news, I have accepted a position to teach English language courses at Ehime University in Ehime (Shikoku), Japan. I have never been to the island of Shikoku before, so this new job and the accompanying location will certainly be an exciting adventure. I will return to Japan in September to begin work.

I have a lot of thoughts, opinions, and lessons learned from my month spent job searching in Japan. I wish to formulate these into a coherent post or two. Perhaps I’ll make that my goal before I leave again…

…after it stops feeling like I’m giving birth.