Sunday, August 30, 2009

Election Results (総選挙)

She voted...did you?

Well, the election results are pouring in on TV and, though there was little doubt, it is now clear that the Democratic Party of Japan (民主党) has won a landslide victory.

The DPJ has already crossed the 240 seat threshold needed to wrest control of the country from the more conservative Liberal Democratic Party (自民党). This means it's out with manga-loving Prime Minister Taro Aso and in with Yukio Hatoyama - the man with a tiny neck and giant head.

Like Americans last year, Japanese voters seem to have overwhelmingly embraced the need to "seiken kotai" (政権交代) or "change administrations". Unfortunately for campaign purposes, the phrase "seiken kotai" isn't nearly as catchy as "YES WE CAN!!!"

It will be interesting to watch where Japan goes from here...