Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goodbye Ehime...(ハロ~巨大ガンダム!)

Guess what?

I no longer live in Ehime Prefecture! My contract with Ehime University has officially ended and the highway bus whisked me away last night. When I awoke and peeked through the curtains, I was in Tokyo.

I know this seems abrupt. This all still seems very surreal to me at this point too. Seems like just yesterday I was sitting in my apartment in Shikoku and visiting the local onsen...

...oh wait, that was yesterday!

Perhaps I'll try and write something to summarize my thoughts and feelings from this year spent in Shikoku. But, in the meantime, please check out the pictures from Odaiba below.

I went and saw a giant robot today! I couldn't help but wish that they had made it just a little bit bigger...and with the ability to fly into space...and wield a beam saber...


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Tony Mariani said...

Wow that seemed so fast (the year you spent in Shikoku). You are very fortunate to have spent that time with the lovely princess. For me, that part of Japan is very special.