Friday, August 21, 2009

Tokyo University (東京大学)

Established in 1877, Tokyo University (popularly nicknamed "Todai") is the nation's oldest and most prestigious house of learning. The school has gone through several name changes throughout its history.

For example, the place was named "Tokyo Imperial University" when famous novelist Natsume Soseki was a student. This name was understandably abolished after the war ended.

The university has five campuses scattered throughout the city, the biggest and most famous of which is the campus in Hongo. Since Hongo is only a few stops away on the subway, I took the opportunity to wander around the campus.

The campus architecture is a neat blend of traditional Japanese structures (like the "red gate") mixed with somewhat retro-looking western buildings. Also, most of the buildings have neat arched entryways reminiscent of the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland.


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